Brand Storytelling Video – “Behind the Idea”

I’m delighted to announce a new “motion” category on my site, starting with two videos recently completed for Richards Patent Law. You would think, a law firm? Yet this firm has an appreciation of visuals and most importantly, the power of storytelling.

They gave me the creative freedom to profile two of their very cool clients, Gramovox and Everpurse. Brand storytelling in the legal world. The videos will be part of a series called, “Behind the Idea” where viewers are given a backstory about the businesses and how RPL helped them protect and develop their innovations.

I’ve been asked, who did the interviews, storyboarding, creative direction, sound, video, editing, coloring and titles? Just me this time. Pete Noback narrowed down the music choices to find the right tempo for the pieces. Going forward, I’ll be collaborating with a crew, but I wanted to get a greater sense of all the needs of production for the coming series.

With my background as a photojournalist, this kind of storytelling is a natural fit. It’s not just telling a story. It’s figuring out what the best storyline and honing the elements to reach an intended audience, while determining visuals to illustrate the necessary concepts. It’s very gratifying to see video projects come together, and to experience wonderful serendipities of words and visuals during the editing process.

It’s not documentary in the sense of unvarnished reality, but for the ring of authenticity we stayed close to environments that are/were part of their natural experiences.

As you can imagine, when dealing with real people and not models – especially busy entrepreneurs, there’s not a whole lot of time for several repeated takes.

You make choices and work with what you have, or what you can imagine, to fill the gaps.

Below are the first videos in the series:



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