Celebrating 7 Years of Three Story Media

When I first started Three Story Media 7 years ago with my wife Laura as I was leaving the Chicago Tribune, we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted the company to be. What would be our specialty? Of course storytelling was our wheelhouse, but when you’re first starting a business, you don’t know what direction things could take. After all, opportunities and money.

We’ve always called it a hybrid company, as we do both photography and video. I’m primarily the photographer and director when it comes to projects, and Laura provides creative direction although there are times that we work with talented partners. When we executive produce a shoot, it’s not as appropriate to put those still or motion samples on my personal site at alexandergarcia.com. If I’m selecting a director, DP, or photographer, it’s more appropriate to put these samples on the ThreeStoryMedia.com site. Invariably, you’ll see a lot of shared content on both sites.

Several years later, our company is going the direction that you might expect – authentic and emotional storytelling. We’re not into special effects, stunts, and graphics that overwhelm the story and senses. We’re about keying into the emotional core of a situation, getting in close, finding the intimate moments, and telling a great story.

I’ve been meaning to create a sizzle reel for some time, so when a potential client reached out and specifically asked for a reel including scenes from specific videos we had done, I was happy to do. It came together well and given the anniversary, I wanted to share. It gives a sense about where we’ve been and where we are going.

Thank you for viewing and joining us on this storytelling road. Turn up the volume and share in the tears, laughs and awe that we’re so honored to share.

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