Image Library of a Consulting Firm


I was delighted to visually express the personality of the principals and associates at the business and technology consulting firm West Monroe Partners for their new website and branding makeover. The assignment was to create an image library of portraits and candids in the workplace, so as a photographer I didn’t want to overwhelm the environment with lighting but to accentuate it. The portraits were often between what you would call an informal portrait and observed moments. Most situations were arranged to some degree, with an assistant and a stylist professional. The goal was to meet the creative brief’s need to create intimate images with a diversity but a common vision to the photography. I had website mock-ups that acted as a creative guide. Between moments of portraiture, I was able to roam and capture candid moments happening in the people landscape as well, at both their Chicago and Seattle offices.

Our team produced so much more that what you currently see on the site, but since it was an image library, their needs will be met for some time in the future (the whole goal) as the site expands and changes to accommodate their business. Bringing out the personality and capturing authentic and candid moments of people is essentially what I’ve been doing for twenty years in reportage, so this project was a lot of fun to work on.  Nonetheless, it helps to have great subjects who are confident about their work. The company has been voted one of the top workplaces  by the Tribune (my former employer), and the high morale shows in the energetic faces of those you see on their site.

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