New Gallery: Wildlife Foundation Image Library

I finally had some breathing time this month to upload photos for a picture gallery of a non-profit foundation project that I just loved working on. Over a year ago I was contacted by a former colleague who realized that his organization really needed to showcase the tremendous work it does, for members, supporters and the general public. Since then, I dropped in during different seasons to document the beautiful landscape in a creative photojournalism style for an image library for its internal and external communications. Their annual report is about to be published, which I’m excited about because it makes ample use of this imagery. I also shot some aerials and edited a video for the organization’s anniversary, which can be found in the motion-video category of my site, but also on their foundation’s page. Give them some view-love:-) if you have a few minutes. For visual consistency, I gave the images a creative treatment that reflects the feeling and mood that I experienced in my wanderings there, which was often during the Golden Hour. Hope you enjoy!

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