New Trips to Cuba in 2020!

I’m excited to announce that after some review of changing U.S. regulations, Cuba Workshops is cleared to move forward with photography tours to Cuba under the category of Support for the Cuban People in 2020. It is an unexpected lifeline for continuing our tours to Cuba and hopefully will continue into the future. Of course, given the fact that we are heading into a presidential election year with Florida up for grabs, it’s likely the risk of politics could affect your ability to travel to what is rapidly becoming a forbidden island. Our recommendation is not to delay any plans when it comes to this fascinating country. 

Both itineraries take us to Havana and the colonial town of Trinidad: 

January 24 – 31, 2020

Jaime Permuth joins with me to lead this street-photography oriented tour. Jaime is an internationally-exhibited and award-winning photographer based in New York City who is a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and New York University. His i3 Lecture Series has been heralded as an incredible resource of photographic inspiration. A native of Guatemala, he has led workshops to Cuba in the past and will be an outstanding presence for our participants. In addition to three nights in gorgeous Trinidad, a highlight of our tour will be to witness the “Marcha de las Antorchas”, a yearly tribute at the university where students march through the streets of Havana with torches to carry the light of independence hero José Martí. 

April 29 – May 6, 2020

Our popular last trip during the International Workers’ Day Celebration on May 1st was an exhilarating experience for all our participants. We will revisit this momentous day in the life of the country, which offers a unique opportunity to understand the country on a person-by-person level. We will have a busy schedule, from bustling Havana to gorgeous Trinidad. Our tours are meant to provide different ways to interact with and support a wide variety of Cubans and their individual needs.  

What we uniquely provide are curated experiences for our travelers based on years in the country navigating the often-tough challenges of logistics, bureaucracy, transportation and communication. On past trips we have met and photographed entrepreneurs (“cuentapropistas”) artists, musicians, boxers, ballet dancers, baseball players, farmers, fishermen, bakers and more. This is in addition to meeting the people who own the private homes and private restaurants where we sleep and eat. The trip provides an amazing opportunity to meet and support everyday Cubans and their passionate pursuits, to understand the country in a fun and enriching way and connect meaningfully with the Cuban people. We always try to keep the trips different, adding more unique experiences and finding different groups of people to support and to photograph. 

I’m happy to excerpt some wonderfully generous words from previous travelers
“Alex did an incredible job putting together such a dynamic experience for us to capture.  Each day unfolded with new backdrops and scenarios to engage and photograph.  My goal as a photographer was to get out of my comfort zone, and document the texture, color and soul.  I’m grateful to the Cuba Workshop team for all the behind the scenes planning, day to day mentoring, and access to both curated and spontaneous moments – truly an unforgettable trip.” 
– Kerri Sherman, photographer

“This trip taught me confidence in approaching and capturing candid street shots and I walked away with tangible evidence of every crazy and amazing thing I did, which would otherwise have felt like a dream by the end of it. If you’re debating whether or not to take this ride….A personally-guided tour of non-tourist areas in a communist country with a group of passionate artists is a priceless approach for taking your photography skills to the next level.”
– Kat Tushim, art director

“I have been there twice before with Alex Garcia, and expect absolutely nothing but a new adventure around every corner.”
– Michael Kaminski, agency production SVP

“If you are looking for an intimate type of trip to Cuba, this is the trip you want to take.  When I came back from Cuba in May, I was was not mentally home for a few weeks, because a 40-year-old dream was realized. Cuba is an extraordinary country with warm beautiful people, stunning colors and a fascinating history and culture. Old Havana will fascinate you! You can walk around the city for hours without being bored. Life on the streets is buzzing.  Every street corner is worthy of a photograph. Cuba’s history is a story that is told through its artists, art is anywhere and everywhere. Trinidad with its cobblestone streets and bright colors houses is a visual explosion of color.”
– Barb Pashup, photographer

If you have any interest in one of our trips, please reach out. The deadline for January is in a month or so, and will be here before we know it!  

More questions about our trip? See what is included with our package trips to Cuba or see our FAQ page

Hope to see you in Havana!  

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